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Apple's toughest job interview questions revealed【徵才】

Apple's toughest job interview questions revealed

Candidates have been asked what brings them down, how many babies are born a day, and how they would test a toaster

Do you think you have what it takes to work at tech giant Apple?
Known for being one of the most challenging and stimulating places to work, it’s not surprising a job interview at the company tests your technical prowess as well as whether your brain can tease out the answer to a mind-boggling puzzle.
But, how would you take to being asked how to breakdown the cost of a pen, what your best day was in the last four years, or how to drop an egg without breaking it?  
Test yourself with this list of the 33 hardest Apple job interview questions compiled by Business Insider from previous candidates’ testimonies:

“Who is your best friend?” – family room specialist candidate
“Describe an interesting problem and how you solved it.” – software engineer candidate
“Explain to an eight-year-old what a modem/router is and its functions.” – at-home advisor candidate
One interviewer wanted to know how many babies are born a day
“How many children are born every day?” – global supply manager candidate
“You have a 100 coins lying flat on a table, each with a head side and a tail side. 10 of them are heads up, 90 are tails up. You can’t feel, see or in any other way find out which side is up. Split the coins into two piles such that there are the same number of heads in each pile.” – software engineer candidate
“Describe yourself, what excites you?” – software engineer candidate
“If we hired you, what do you want to work on?” – senior software engineer candidate
“There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labelled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?” – software engineer candidate
“Scenario: you’re dealing with an angry customer who was waiting for help for the past 20 minutes and is causing a commotion. She claims that she’ll just walk over to Best Buy or the Microsoft store to get the computer she wants. Resolve this issue.” – specialist candidate
“How would you break down the cost of this pen?” – global supply manager candidate
One Apple interviewer asked how a candidate would break down the cost of a pen
“A man calls in and has an older computer that is essentially a brick. What do you do?” – Apple Care at-home consultant candidate
“Are you smart?” – build engineer candidate
“What are your failures, and how have you learned from them?” – software manager candidate
“Have you ever disagreed with a manager’s decision, and how did you approach the disagreement? Give a specific example and explain how you rectified this disagreement, what the final outcome was, and how that individual would describe you today.” – software engineer candidate
“You put a glass of water on a record turntable and begin slowly increasing the speed. What happens first – does the glass slide off, tip over, or does the water splash out?” – mechanical engineer candidate
“Tell me something that you have done in your life which you are particularly proud of.” – software engineering manager candidate
“Are you creative? What’s something creative that you can think of?” – software engineer candidate
“Describe a humbling experience.” – Apple retail specialist candidate
One candidate was challenged with a problem about eggs
“If you have two eggs, and you want to figure out what’s the highest floor from which you can drop the egg without breaking it, how would you do it? What’s the optimal solution?” – software engineer candidate
“Why should we hire you?” – senior software engineer candidate
“What’s more important, fixing the customer’s problem or creating a good customer experience?” – Apple at-home advisor candidate
“Why did Apple change its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc.?” – specialist candidate
“You seem pretty positive, what types of things bring you down?” – family room specialist candidate
“Show me (role play) how you would show a customer you’re willing to help them by only using your voice.” – college at-home advisor candidate
“What brings you here today?” – software engineer candidate
“Given an iTunes type of app that pulls down lots of images that get stale over time, what strategy would you use to flush disused images over time?” – software engineer candidate
A question relating to fair and unfair coins was put to one prospective employee
“If you’re given a jar with a mix of fair and unfair coins, and you pull one out and flip it three times, and get the specific sequence heads heads tails, what are the chances that you pulled out a fair or an unfair coin?” – lead analyst candidate
“What was your best day in the last four years? What was your worst?” – engineering project manager candidate
“When you walk in the Apple store as a customer, what do you notice about the store/how do you feel when you first walk in?” – specialist candidate
“Why do you want to join Apple and what will you miss at your current work if Apple hired you?” – software engineer candidate
“How would you test your favorite app?” – software engineer candidate
“What would you want to do five years from now?” – software engineer candidate
“How would you test a toaster?” – software engineer candidate
以下列出 33 個各種職缺會被問到的問題:


「這裡有 100 個硬幣平放在桌上,每個硬幣都有正反兩面,其中 10 個正面, 90 個反面。 你自己沒辦法看或是用任何感覺,分辨硬幣是否正反。現在找出方法把他們分為兩堆,每堆的正面數量都要一樣。」 -軟體工程師
「有三個箱子,其中一個裡面只有蘋果,一個只有橘子,一個裡面兩種水果都有。這些箱子被貼錯了標籤,無法確認裡面到底是哪種水果。你只能打開一個箱子,而且不能向裡面看,你可以拿出一個水果。通過觀察它,你如何立即正確分辨出三個箱子中各裝有哪種水果?」 -軟體測試工程師
「你放了一杯水在黑膠唱片上,接著唱片開始慢慢的轉起來。請問杯子會先滑落、翻倒,還是水先濺出來?」 -機械工程師
「現在有一個罐子混裝了正常與作弊硬幣,你拿一個出來並轉了面,這個動作重複三次,依序得到了正、正、反的結果。那麼你獲得正常或作弊硬幣的機率為何?」 -首席分析師
「一天有多少小孩出生?」 -全球供應經理
Photo Credit: William Warby


「向一個八歲小孩解釋什麼是數據機/路由器,並介紹它的功能。」 -在家電話客服
「你正處理已經等了二十分鐘並造成騷動的一位客戶。她正喊著要跑去 Best Buy 或微軟零售店去找她適合的電腦。請解決這個狀況。」 -專員
「有顧客打電話來說他的舊電腦已經變磚頭了,你會怎麼做?」 -在家客服顧問
「為客戶解決問題與創造更好的客戶體驗,哪一個比較重要?」 -在家電話客服
「把我(面試官)當作顧客,示範你怎麼只用語音幫助他們。」 -在家電話客服工讀生
「如果你今天是一個走進蘋果的顧客,你首先會注意什麼?你的第一印象為何?」 -專員
Photo Credit: CWCS Managed Hosting


「有個像 iTunes 類型的 APP 隨著時間一久,會將上面大量的圖片給拉下。你會用什麼方法重新刷新這些被拉下來的圖片?」 -軟體工程師
「如果你要從最高樓層丟下 2 個雞蛋但不能破掉,你最好的解決方案是什麼?」 -軟體工程師
「假設你不同意經理的決定,你怎麼解決你們之間的分歧?舉個實體,並解釋你如何消除分歧,並導致什麼結果?這位經理現在怎麼評價你?」 -軟體工程師
「你如何分析你面前這隻筆的成本?」 -全球供應經理
「描述一個有趣的問題,並說明如何解決它。」 -軟體工程師
「你怎麼測試你最喜歡的 App?」 -軟體測試工程師
「你如何測試一台烤麵包機?」 -軟體測試工程師
Photo Credit:danjo paluska


「你最好的朋友是誰?」 -Family Room 專員
「形容自己,什麼事物會讓你興奮?」 -軟體工程師
「如果你進來了,你想做哪些工作?」 -高階軟體工程師
「你聰明嗎?」 -建構工程師
「你失敗過嗎?你從中得到了哪些教訓?」 -軟體經理
「你做過最自豪的事情。」 -軟體工程經理
「為什麼我們要錄用你?」 -高階軟體工程師
「你充滿創意嗎?你覺得什麼東西最有創意?」 -軟體工程師
「描述一段震撼人心的經驗。」 -蘋果零售專員
「為什麼公司名稱要從蘋果電腦改名為蘋果公司?」 -專員
「你看起來很積極。那什麼事情會讓你低落?」 -Family Room 專員
「你今天為什麼來這?」 -軟體工程師
「過去四年你最美好跟你最糟的一天?」 -工程專案經理
「這 5 年內你想做什麼?」 -軟體工程師
「你為什麼想加入蘋果?如果成功,你目前工作中最值得你留戀的東西是什麼?」 -軟體工程師




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